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In the range of NoCode and LowCode tools we analyze, write, test or generally about 350 companies. There are labels that list all the tools and products available on this Web. We're trying to take it to the next level, and we hope to break these tools down into different categories.

Web Apps

A typical NoCode application allows you to use drag and drop to build a website and integrate other services needed to make your site fully functional. An example of a WebApp is Webflow. In our article we have about DappHero, Presto API,...

Business Apps

Use the NoCode platform to create finished products or apps that you sell to customers. An example of BusinessApps is Bubble. We have an article about Jexoy.

Mobile Apps

Create iOS or Android mobile apps available in the Apple Store or Play Store or as a PWA. An example of a NoCode mobile application platform is Draftbit. We have previously written about Adalo and Murkstom.

Automation and Workflow

All the tools and platforms that help automate, simplify, organize, extract, and operate your engineering processes and processes. Zapier is an example of an automation and workflow NoCode platform.


All tools and products primarily use graphical user interfaces to build applications, but there are still a few applications that require manual coding. An enterprise example of Lowcode tools is Betty Blocks. We also have a separate Outsystem article about NoCode tools in AI and ML. And Lowcode enterprise application platforms.

Industry Apps

These are NoCode platforms that are focused and cater to a number of specific industries, which, when run on top of the NoCode platform, are successfully transforming these industries. One of the industries we have discussed in detail is the legal industry of NoCode and Lawyers.


All tools and products that use a rule-based or AI-based engine to engage with customers across your digital channels fall under this category.


Most of the marketing tools in the world are mainly NoCode tools, so it is difficult to list all the tools in our scope of purposes. Therefore, we list here tools that were built first with NoCode and catered primarily to the NoCode community. An example of a NoCode marketing tool is ConvertKit. We wrote about Unstack.

Landing Page

These NoCode tools create landing pages, import websites, or simple static information web pages to showcase products for marketing purposes. An example of a landing page builder is Landen. We also wrote articles about Dorik, Pory, Best Landing Pages,


The NoCode tool helps to integrate payment gateways and overall customer payment functions into your NoCode application. An example of a NoCode payment is Tilly Pay.


Here, we focus on tight integration with other NoCode engines to create tools that execute seamlessly. An example of a Design NoCode tool is Figma. We also have articles about Pastryy.


The NoCode tool allows you to create membership functions for your startup or portal that fall under this heading. An example of Membership Nocode is MemberSpace.

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