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The Orit company that Hung and I are managing is a company that can be called "micro" scale. The number of office staff is about 20 people - revenue is less than 10 billion a year.

As human resource services, we realize some "inadequacies" of businesses like mine and customers as follows:

  • Whether it is a small or large enterprise, everyone has the desire to invest in a software to manage the entire management process system of the enterprise with full functions from: Main (Recruitment, timekeeping, salary calculation, insurance, monitoring the progress of labor contract implementation, personal information management of personnel...) - Internal finance- Production management, warehousing, …

  • If there is no management software with a synchronous process, the business is very "dependent" on employees: accounting, human resources, etc. if they are angry, take a break, etc., it is considered a newcomer despite receiving the handover. I also only know how to close my eyes and receive it, definitely can't grasp 100% of what the old person did. Sometimes the leadership team can completely only see the report of the personnel posted, can't understand the fact in detail why that lead to that data and even have to depend on the person in charge of them to report. or not- not giving a report is having to “beg” to “pull”. The report can also be aggregated as a volume after 1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year, so the accuracy cannot be controlled.

  • And even if you have accepted to spend a large amount of money on investment in management software, it is not certain that the business will use it stably forever. Because in the process of management and operation, there are many factors that arise and change... such as regulations, state regulations, customer's terms and conditions, organizational structure... small and medium enterprises are required to There is flexibility in management to "plug" the parties, so there will be a constant need to edit some features on the software.

  • It is also confirmed that without administrative software, all data records of businesses are only word and excel files that account for 90% of documents, each person keeps 1 file, when entering this version, Sometimes it is possible to mistakenly switch to another version, or link together with unprofessional features, leading to mistaken or missing data. There is also no guarantee that when not using the software, the company has a strict data and document management system: there will always be problems such as loss of records, papers, computer failure, so there is no data left, then if you make a mistake, you should correct it, delete it ..., then do it when you are free, if you are busy, then stop putting it away...

  • If there is no management software, the enterprise's management document files in excel, word are independently managed by each individual, the lack of information sharing leads to loss of data entry time, increasing the number of employees. Cost effective managers for businesses

Because of the above factors, it is confirmed that 100% of businesses want to have a full management software system for their own management process right from the start of the company start-up. But currently on the enterprise market there are only 1 solution:

  • One is to spend a minimum amount from 500 million to billions of dong to hire a professional software company to write for your business a software product according to the specific requirements of the business. With this cost, small and medium enterprises are not really qualified to invest

  • Second, Enterprises have to buy small, ready-to-use software, each with a range of tens of millions/small software to use for each stage of work. This can be solved satisfactorily at a stage, a certain part, but it does not have a link for the whole process, and just one factor can lead to unusability (eg. example can lead to duplicate data entry… workers are afraid of inconvenience, complexity…so they object to not using)

  • Third, Enterprises can pay to rent the management software of reputable enterprises such as Misa, Base ... but not the complete solutions for businesses. Each rental software is charged for about 10~20 million / year, if you hire all the processes, the business also has to pay at least 200 million / year.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of rental is that the Enterprise is required to follow the forms, forms, reports, and processes available in the software, which is almost impossible to change, adjust at will and if you can do it, you can do it. pay a small fee.

After all of the above reasons, using no-code software will help fully handle the disadvantages and problems that businesses need. Among them ZilCode is one of the best platforms we have used with the following outstanding advantages

  1. Zilcode is a type of tool that creates software on the principle of no-code (no need for Code, no need for IT, no need for programming, but you can still create your own software). Just read the documentation and follow the step-by-step process, with the Zilcode tool anyone can become a professional programmer.

  2. Zilcode has built standard software (template apps) to manage basic business processes such as Human Resource Management, Production Management, Warehouse Management, Internal Accounting and Finance Management... according to the standard so that businesses can use it always, no need to program.

  3. If the above Management Modules are not suitable for the organizational structure of the enterprise, the Enterprise can completely modify it by itself, adding or subtracting according to the needs accordingly (the need for simple editing is not large, the Enterprise will need to change it). Enterprises can study manuals for implementation - with complex needs or businesses do not arrange personnel to perform, they can hire Zilcode experts to do it at a cheaper cost from 50% to 50%. 70% of the market).

  4. Businesses can rent Zilcode software by month - the price is from less than a million dong or more depending on the size of the business with full basic management features, something that can never be found in other software.


No-code software is a concept that is no longer new in the world but surprisingly is not known and applied much in Vietnam. That's why I want to share these great experiences with the Vietnamese business community

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